Blue Plum Festival - 2006 Photo Album

The 7th Annual Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City, Tennessee set another attendance record on June 2 and 3 with an estimated 55,000 attendees on Saturday after storms played havoc with Friday's activities. Shown here are some photos of the event as well as articles and additional photos from the Johnson City Press. The Festival includes a variety of bluegrass, rock, and acoustic musicians and no admission is charged to the events. It is basically a community celebration, street fair, and open-air concert rolled into one. The Main Stage sits in front of the main line of the Southern Railway through Downtown Johnson City and the visual and audio experience of a train forming an active backdrop for a bluegrass jam is something to behold. Railroad Earth headlined the Saturday evening performances with special effects provided by the Norfolk-Southern Railroad. Hear the Railroad Earth Concert at Blue Plum at this link.

The historic Fountain Square setting has been used for open-air concerts for generations in Johnson City. Many legendary Old-Time Music performers including Jimmie Rodgers and Blind Lemon Jefferson performed here during the start of their careers. One block away the historic 1920s Johnson City Sessions, pioneering Appalachian music recordings by Columbia Records took place.

Here are Johnson City Press articles from June 4 and June 5 document activities of the 2006 Festival.

The photos below also include Dave Price and the CBS Early Show rolling into Johnson City on June 9, 2006.

Kim Schneider and
Christine Murdock at Kickoff

Logo Design Contest Winner
ETSU's Ashley Graham

Dick Nelson: Sponsor
Nelson Fine Art Center

Friday Afternoon Deluge
Terry Russo Prepares Food
Family Jam
Postcards from Mel's
Stamps and Coins
Same Buildings as in the
Old Postcards
Vendors Doing Well

Mel's Stamps and Coins

The Electric Cowboy

Main Street Antiques and Mercantile
 Taste Budz
"Peach Tea Sounds Good"
Taste Budz

"Legend of Blue Plum"

Tribute to "The Trains"

Afternoon Crowd Moving In

Lee Miller with Customer

Prints from Hard Copy Solutions

Johnson City Dog Park
Is this a Pan Flute?
JCDA: Check for Properties
Into the Fire Pottery

Singing in the Shower ?

Hands On Museum
Face Painting

The Rock

Wetting down the Reptile

Train Turns onto Main Street

Tipton Street Redevelopment

The Waybacks

Serious Strings

Cool Comfortable Saturday

"The Charles"

Rose Hill Wedding Chapel
CBS Early Show Visits Johnson City! June 9, 2006

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The Blue Plum

Todd Sheaffer

Tim Carbone

Andy Goessling
Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth
Toast to Johnson City from Railroad Earth
Hear or download the 2006 Railroad Earth Concert at Blue Plum at this link.
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